TAGTIME SEASON 4 EPISODE 7, ON 14 December 2021

In episode 7 of the fourth season of TagTime, Chiann Bao discussed “Jura Novit Arbiter” with hosts  Dr Kabir Duggal and Amanda LeeChiann Bao was tagged by Philippe Pinsolle and she, in turn, tagged Eduardo Zuleta.

Chiann Bao is an Honorary Senior Fellow at BIICL. She practises as an independent arbitrator and mediator and has previously practice as counsel at international law firms in Hong Kong and New York. Chiann is a Vice President of the International Chamber of Commerce, Court of Arbitration and Chair of the ICC Commission Task Force on ADR. Between 2010 and 2018, she served as Secretary General and then Council Member of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. In these institutional roles, Chiann has advised governments on drafting arbitration legislation, local dispute resolution policies and strategies for promoting arbitration and mediation. She is currently working with several arbitration institutions with the establishment of their arbitration rules. Chiann regularly speaks and writes on the topic of international arbitration and dispute resolution and was the MC of the Delos webinar series, ‘In Conversation with Neil‘.

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